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2018 11th Annual "4th of July Showcase Tournament" presented by Firecracker Baseball

2018 11th Annual Firecracker Baseball Showcase Tournament will be played from Saturday, June 30th through Wednesday, July 4th. 

Click here for more details on your age groups and dates. 

Click here for College Showcase Day information (Details to be released shortly)

Entry Fee is $950.00 USD per team

Register and pay before 12/31/2017: $925.00 USD per team

Mutli-Tournament Discounts: $25.00 additional fee off each team ($900.00 per team, per tournament; $50.00 savings per team)

Mutil-Tournament Discount will be credited to your payment once teams are officially registered.


Any "new program/team" looking to enter our 4th of July Showcase Tournament will be able to register on November 1st, 2018 when/if spots are available. 

This is part of our customer service to our existing programs who come year in and year out to our event, as we are not expanding, this is called our preferred registration. Once your in our events each year, you have the ability to register for this event as soon as it opens.

We are taking $100 deposits for all new programs/teams looking to enter our prestigous 4th of July Showcase Tournament and will be awarded spots based on date/time of their deposit.

This deposit will be credited to your registration fee upon entrance into our event.

After November 1st, it's first come first serve for all our events, including our 4th of July Showcase Tournament.



Division you are applying for (1 team per form online) *
We are only accepting 120 teams total for this event, please register early!

(Only for the first day of game times, fields, etc. and is up the Tournament Director's discretion for the request. Must be submitted by May 1st to be taken into consideration).



There will be a $25.00 convenience fee to submit this online form.
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