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DALLAS  - April 12, 2018 – D-BAT Sports is proud to partner with Firecracker Baseball to provide wood bats on an exclusive basis to the top high school baseball showcase event company in the Northeast during the 2018 and 2019 seasons.  

The two-year deal will enable players to purchase top quality, customized maple and ash bats at a 15 percent discount through an online D-BAT/Firecracker store (dbatsports.com).  D-BAT will also provide commemorative maple bats to be used as team trophies and provide a sales tent at the 4thof July Showcase Tournament, which will include a barbecue, fireworks, and tickets to a Triple A game between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.    

“Partnering with Firecracker Baseball is a great way for D-BAT Sports to introduce our bats and other products to the fast growing baseball and softball markets in the Northeast,” said John Piper, Chief Operating Officer for D-BAT Sports.  “D-BAT is all about providing a great experience to help players reach their goals and get to the next level.”   

In 2018, Firecracker Baseball will hold 3 all wood bat tournaments that will attract more than 2,000 players on 200 teams from 20 states.  These showcase tournaments are held at college ballparks in summer destinations to provide great value for players and their families.  

“This is a no brainer for us to partner with D-BAT,” said Mark Cooke, Owner/President of Firecracker Baseball Showcase Tournaments.  “It’s a tremendous opportunity for two fast-growing companies, recognized in the baseball world, to grow both of our brands and spread our message to different parts of the country.”  

D-BAT (dbat.net) reaches more than 100,000 fans through email subscribers and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  D-BAT plans to leverage that audience to cross promote Firecracker Baseball (firecrackerbaseball.com), which currently reaches more than 15,000 fans through social media and email subscribers.  That number will go up, when Firecracker Baseball launches a new APP on May 1, the first youth baseball tournament provider in America to have its own APP.   

D-BAT Franchise Opportunities

D-BAT is well known for its D-BAT Academies, one of the fastest growing franchises in the country, with more than 40 locations, mostly in Texas and throughout the South, with an academy in Mountainside, New Jersey, and commitments to build on the East Coast in Connecticut, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  D-BAT believes the exposure through 3 Firecracker tournaments in 2018 and 4 tournaments in 2019 will lead to greater name recognition for D-BAT, and an expansion of D-BAT Academies in the Northeast.    

“I do believe the exposure to the teams will help get the D-BAT brand in front of people that have never heard of us,” said D-BAT’s John Piper.  

D-BAT’s mission is to provide a quality, teaching environment with professional instruction to enhance the baseball and softball experience for players at all levels and help them reach their goals.  Firecracker Baseball calls itself, “Your home for college recruiting, showcase baseball and great value in summer destinations.” 

Both organizations are committed to helping players showcase their skills for college coaches and pro scouts.  As a result of the exposure provided by both organizations, hundreds of players have gone on to play in college, and dozens have gone on to play in the pros. 

About D-BAT

D-BAT is the world’s premier baseball and softball training franchise business, a $30 million company with more than 300 employees.  In addition to 40 existing D-BAT academies, an additional 30 territories are in development, including 10 international locations opening in China.  D-BAT was founded by Cade Griffis (C.E.O) and his brother Kyle (Executive V.P.) in 1998.  D-BAT Sports was founded in 2001, when D-BAT built a wood bat factory in Mount Pleasant, Texas and began importing private label baseball and softball gloves, balls, and apparel to sell online and in their pro shops at D-BAT Academies.