PBR New England continues partnership with Firecracker Baseball!

PBR New England continues partnership with Firecracker Baseball!

We are excited to announce that our partnership with PBR New England is continuing through our 2018 summer season of events to give all our student athletes an even better atmosphere with FREE player profiles; discounts on upgrades; enhanced social media exposure and the ability be videotaped through our events!
"The Prep Baseball Report is the No. 1 resource for high school baseball in each state we cover through our variety of events, top scouting staff, daily coverage and multimedia platforms. We are excited to partner with Firecracker Baseball to offer unique opportunities and scouting coverage across the northeast.  Our multimedia platforms and events work in tandem, ultimately creating the most powerful source of high school baseball promotion in each state. The PBR New England staff is lead by former Division I coaches, Trevor Brown (Fairfield) and Dennis Healy (Wake Forest)
Chris Valentine, Executive Director of Prep Baseball Report

What does this partnership bring for all student athletes of our Firecracker Baseball Showcase events?
All players who attend our College Showcase Day events (Old Orchard Beach, Maine; 4th of July Showcase in Providence, RI along with our Colonial Clash Showcase a Pace University) will receive a FREE player profile listed on the PBR website. Those players and any player in our tournaments will also have the opportunity to purchase an upgraded profile, where video and scouting reports can be streamed and looked at by over 500+ college coaches across the country. An added bonus to this already great partnership agreement, will be the added social media presence during the College Showcase Days at the Ballpark at the Beach (ME); URI and at Pace University in NY but also during the tournaments as well! This will allowing a player to be followed from the College Showcase Day workout through their 4-7 games of our tournaments. If your interested in adding the upgraded profile to your package, please click on the links below. If you have any questions with Prep Baseball Report or this added new feature, please contact Trevor Brown by email at Brown@prepbaseballreport.com or by phone at 203-727-4331

"We at Firecracker Baseball are more than thrilled to have this opportunity to give our student athletes the correct path for individual growth, visibility to achieve all their goals on and off the field at the next level. We believe with this partnership with PBR we are giving our customers and their families, more bang for their buck than our competitors but also giving them the ultimate package in their summer baseball needs. Where else can you go for a college exposre, work out in front of 30+ college/pro coaches for less than $100.00 and get a free player profile, video taped,  social media presence but also scouting reports distributed online and via email to every college coach throughout the country."
Mark Cooke, President of Firecracker Baseball

Access to PBR's ProspectPlus
All participants in this summer's Firecracker tournaments will have access to PBR's ProspectPlus. This membership provides access to all premium content plus the following features
  • Ability to update profile with personal information
  • ProspectPlus calendar to update college coaches with your schedule
  • ProspectPlus school tracker to notify schools of your interest
  • Ability to download your edited PBR videos
  • Sortable college database
To get started or learn more about PBR's ProspcectPlus, simple click here. Use the code "FIRECRACKER” at checkout to receive a 25% discount on the purchase price.
Video Upgrade Links for Player Profile ($99 additional cost per player for year)
All American Lighthouse Classic (Old Orchard Beach, Maine): For more information on the upgraded player profile with video(s) click here

4th of July Showcase Tournament (Providence, RI): For more information on the upgraded player profile with video(s) click here

Colonial Clash Showcase Tournament (Westchester, NY): For more information on the upgraded player profile with video(s) click here