World Power Showcase partners with Firecracker Baseball!

Click here to watch actual player video highlight package. Each player that attends each event receives a their own personal video and highlight package like this!
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World Power Showcase (Miami, Florida) from December 27-31st, 2018. Click here
We are excited to announce this latest partnership with another great baseball company to form a unique once in a lifetime opportunity for all our student athletes, families and coaches. 
"I'm thrilled and proud about the partnership with the Firecracker Baseball organization," Said Brian Domenico, President & CEO.  "Firecracker and POWER SHOWCASE both share a passion and dedication for creating enhanced opportunities for players who desire to further their careers collegiately and professionally. We look forward to a long-standing relationship. With the ability to scout over 112 teams at the 4th of July Showcase Tournament, along with 175+ players individually at the College Showcase Days at URI, this gives us a unique opportunity to find the best and most qualified student athletes to invite to our event on a world stage in Miami, Florida. Also we will be scouting and looking for the top prospects at the Colonial Clash Showcase Tournament in Westchester, NY from July 27-30 with seeing another select group of 30 teams from the Mid-Atlantic and over 80 student athletes at that College Showcase Day. The ability to work with Mark Cooke and his staff to create this “Top Prospects List" for each graduating class with hopes of some of these student athletes getting their opportunity like Bryce Harper, Blaze Jordan, Manuel Beltre is truly a unique opportunity -Brian Domenico, President & CEO-World Power Showcase" 
What this new partnership brings for our student athletes of Firecracker Baseball Showcase events, all players who attend the College Showcase Day at the 4th of July Showcase Tournament, along with the College Showcase Day at the Colonial Clash Showcase Tournament in Westchester, NY will be scouted and evaluated for possible invitation to the World Power Showcase event in Miami, Florida from December 27-31, 2017. Also any player who is in our events, whether it’s the Showcase Tournaments or College Showcase Days will be scouted for our “Top Prospects List" and be eligible for invitation to this event. If your interested in being scouted or evaluated for these events, please click on the links below. If you have any questions with World Power Showcase or this added new feature, please contact Brian Domenico President & CEO by phone at (561) 271-7247 or by email at

"We believe this partnership with World Power Showcase allows us to give our customers and their families another avenue to be as successful on and off the field but more importantly we are giving them what we strive for with all our events, a unique professional experience at a great cost! We at Firecracker Baseball are more than thrilled to have this opportunity for our student athletes, to be scouted as a “Top Prospect” and have the experience of a lifetime to compete on a world stage with other players from around not only the country but the world, this will give our student athletes another great experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else"

Mark Cooke, President of Firecracker Baseball


Blaze Jordan 3rd Annual National & 12th Annual World Classic POWER SHOWCASE

You gotta check out Taylor Fajardo's 501ft Wood Bat Home Run that hits the crossbeams at Marlins Park.  When the Architects designed the stadium with NASA scientists, they said it would be humanly impossible to reach it!  Two people have accomplished this feat.  First, was Aaron Judge during the MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby and Taylor Fajardo who did this twice.  Make sure to watch at least half of his video - it's roughly 20 minutes, so definitely the 10-minute mark.  Plus, his home runs were hit during the preliminary round (Don't miss a pitch!!). 

Since 2004, The POWER SHOWCASE World Classic has featured the top amateur players (ten-years-old to college) from the United States and around the world including 27 different countries. This one of a kind MLB experience, provides its participants with an opportunity to learn and prosper in an environment like no other.  The player's go through an MLB Scout Day, are recognized at their welcome dinner at the MLB stadium, compete in the prestigious home run derby and play major league produced game.  Each participant receives their own personal highlight video and professional photo package.                                                                      
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