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2018 Beer Social: Sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings and the Guild Brewery

Welcome to the order form for the Beer Social at the Guild Brewery in Pawtucket, RI. Sponsored by Firercacker Baseball, Buffalo Widl Wings and the Guild Brewery!

Friday, June 29th's schedule of event:
6:00PM -7:00PM: VIP for tournament staff; college coaches and sponsors. Cash bar after the 3 tickets have been used.
7:00PM-10:00PM: Open to all tournament coaches and families.
Firecracker Baseball will provide 3 beer tickets FREE to each coach ( must be on tournament roster) along food provided by Buffalo Wild Wings (limited supplies while they last). Cash bar after the 3 tickets have been used.
Coaches must RSVP, when their tournament roster(s) are completed, by email to [email protected] by Friday, June 15th in order for beer tickets to be guaranteed.
Families of the 4th of July Showcase players and coaches can attend this private event. Tickets will be $20 per person until Friday, June 15th when the price increases to $25.00 per person or we are sold out. Tickets will include 3 beer tickets, food while supplies last and music/entertainment. Cash bar after the 3 tickets have been used.

Please contact Mark Cooke at [email protected] for any further questions or concerns. 

All coaches and families are invited to attend this event. Coaches are invited for free (if they are on tournament roster form)
For more than 10, please contact Mark Cooke, President of Firecracker Baseball for more details

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